HER Stories: Her First Ramadan

She remembered her first Ramadan with awe at the journey she made to get there and how her journey had continued since. She was a brand new Muslim. Her first Ramadan came just a month after she said her shahada. Her imaan was soaring and she was filled with a deep and immovable strength. She … Continue reading HER Stories: Her First Ramadan


Five of my Favourite Du’as

The Prophet (SAW) said: "Three supplications will not be rejected, the supplication of the parent for his child, the supplication of the one who is fasting, and the supplication of the traveller." [Al-Bayhaqi, al-Tirmidhi – Sahīh] The du'a (supplication) of the one who is fasting will not be rejected. The blessed month of Ramadan, the … Continue reading Five of my Favourite Du’as

May Your Ramadan be…

May your Ramadan be the most blessed and successful one you have ever experienced May you be showered and surrounded by blessings  May your Ramadan be life changing and make you a better Muslim than you ever were May the changes you make stay with you when Ramadan leaves May your Ramadan be filled with … Continue reading May Your Ramadan be…

Algerian Proverb: When they’re Gone it’s Too Late

كي كان حي اشتاق تمرة، كي مات علقولو عرجون Transliteration: Ki kan Hay chtaq temra ki mat 'alqolo 'arjoun Literal translation: When he was alive he craved a date, when he died they hung a bunch for him. When he was alive, hungry and poor, craving a date, no one offered him any help. Nobody … Continue reading Algerian Proverb: When they’re Gone it’s Too Late

Struggles of a Revert – Part 3

Continuing on from Struggles of a Revert and Struggles of a Revert – Part 2, I wanted to discuss some more issues and difficulties which reverts may face. Too much emphasis on your name After you have accepted Islam, you are trying to learn so many new things all at once and it can feel very overwhelming. There … Continue reading Struggles of a Revert – Part 3

When we Question Allah

Human beings have a natural flare for being arrogant and egotistical. Deep inside of us all, is the capacity and potential to be ungrateful for the abundance of blessings we have. So often we overlook all of the blessings and bounties which are bestowed upon us and instead we focus on the things we think … Continue reading When we Question Allah

Algerian Proverb: The Incomparable

واش جاب الشوك لحب لملوك  Transliteration: Wash jab chouk lhab lemlouk Literally translated this means: You can't compare thorns to raspberries. The meaning of this proverb is that you can't compare the incomparable. I love this saying in Algerian Arabic because it rhymes - it rolls off the tongue so easily when you've learnt it … Continue reading Algerian Proverb: The Incomparable

When the Devils are Away

Ramadan is just around the corner. A month of fasting from sunrise until sunset but so much more than that. The month of mercy. The month when the Qur'an was revealed. This is a month when good deeds are multiplied. When Muslims come together like never before. When Muslim women who don't normally wear the … Continue reading When the Devils are Away