When a Writer Falls in Love with You

When a writer falls in love with you, they say you’ll never die. Your essence and your soul will remain in the words they poured their love into. The words you said and the way you looked at them are described poetically to make you come alive every time the words are read again.

Every kind of love is unique and impossible to recreate. That specific love, which the writer held for you, will never be born again. That love was all for you and the irreplaceable feelings it evoked were captured by the skill of their words, to live on and be felt by any reader that should pass a wondering eye.

The most insignificant details about you, the ones that nobody else would notice, are etched into paper as though they were remarkable qualities to be shared for everyone. As though, if they were not shared, the beauty of those details would be forgotten. As though, if those details were not stored in that sentence, then they were never real.

When a writer falls in love with you, they find the words which weren’t there before. They find inspiration in you – in your most natural moments. When they discover that they love you for the most delicate and yet simple reasons, they yearn to express it in the most eloquent ways.

Even if you pass them by, even if their love was but a passionate moment; their love for you was forever preserved in their words. Captured like a photograph to be revisited and reread by the writer or a stranger; so real and true in those words and that moment.

When a writer falls in love with you, you become their focal point. Their love shines through in their words, in their narrative. Whatever they write about, when a writer falls in love so does their writing.

Whether it is an unrequited, painful and distanced love or a deep and soul warming love which brings with it a safe harbour; the writer’s pen has now found a new depth and a new horizon. Ocean’s never before ventured have now been discovered and with it an immense depth of emotion to explore.

When a writer falls in love with you, you become an inspiration. Whatever the writer may write about; grief, heartbreak or tragedy, you become their shelter from the despair they find that they must write about. You are their homing point which they come back to after visiting the anguished world in their minds.

When a writer falls in love with you, they’ll make you fall in love with their words.





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