Dear Brothers & Sisters in Syria

Dear brothers and sisters in Syria,

Stunned and ashamed, I sit here breathing in my privilege. Contrite in my safety and my freedom.

While you, my dear brothers and sisters in Syria, are torn apart. Oppressed and victimised. Brutalised in ways that are impossible to imagine sitting here in my warm, safe home.

My heart is broken and my eyes shed tears for you. Your pain hurts me and yet my words mean nothing. I feel numb and sickened at all of the blessings I take for granted. All of the blessings which you don’t have. I’m disgusted at myself for feeling tested by my life when you are struggling to breathe clean air. Families ripped apart and children witnessing horrors, feeling pain they shouldn’t know exists. 

All I can do is pray for you and pour my tears and sincerity into the words I whisper to My Lord.

All I know, is that the pain you feel in this life will be rewarded in the next insha’Allah. Your rewards will far outweigh those of us who impatiently endure benign and trivial tests. By the will of Allah, the Most Merciful and the Most Compassionate, as soon as you step foot into Jannah, all of the pain, grief and torment of this world will be long forgotten and it will seem like it lasted for only part of a day.

May Allah grant you the highest ranks in Jannah. May He wipe away your sins with the tears that you have cried. May Allah make your trials easy for you, grant you sabr, steadfastness and strength. May He take away your pain and suffering in this life. May Allah destroy those who oppress and hurt you. May Allah forgive this ummah for all the ways we have failed you… Ameen.

My heart breaks and my words stumble from my tongue with the weight of their uselessness but I pray you’ll forgive me my dear brothers and sisters. 

Useful links to donate:

White Helmets

Islamic Relief – Syria Crisis Appeal


The UN Refugee Agency

Human Appeal




  1. Beautiful written. I myself lack for words. From my safe corner of the world I’m ashamed also. The highest ranks in Jannah, indeed. This is difficult. So unfair.

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  2. I love this so much, I feel like you wrote what I was thinking. I always think about how unsafe we are because we will need to answer to Allah SWT on the Day of Judgement. I think about how we’re here living a life of luxury, are we doing enough to help? 😢

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