What is a Human Being?

What is a human being? Mostly water, cells and blood held together by skin on a frame of bones. Brains to process our thoughts. Feelings and a lot of thoughts buzzing between neurones. Mouths to pass sounds to one another. Eyes to see into each others souls.

What is it that makes one human being more valuable than another? The colour of the skin which holds together the cells and water? Different levels of melanin determining the shade… Does the amount and type of melanin present, making someone darker, mean they have less value? Does someone’s facial features make them less interesting to you if you don’t find them pleasing? Does the suffering of someone with more melanin than you, not matter, because they are any less of a human being?

Can you only care about someone if they look like you, sound like you, dress like you and think like you?

If someone has a different passport to you does that make their life less valuable? If someone was born in a different country than you, does it mean they are not as important as you? Is nationality a determining factor in the value of a human life?

Is the life of a human being only valid and recognised if they have the right papers and documentation?

If someone has a different view from you, does that mean their life detracts value? If someone disagrees with you, does that mean they are ignorant?

If a human being holds different beliefs from you or follows a different religion, does that make them dangerous as well as less valuable? At what stage does a different belief mean danger? Whenever you determine it?

Why are refugees turned away? Is it for the colour of their skin; the different words that come out of their mouth; the different religion they believe in or their different nationality? Just because you don’t understand or know their struggle, does that mean it isn’t real? Just because you have no comprehension of what they are fleeing from, does that mean it isn’t valid? Just because you have never faced a situation when risking your life and the life of your children is still the better option, does that mean you can pass any judgment? Why is it ok to turn people away? How can anybody think that it is ok? What kind of society allows that to be normal and accepted? If you had something to run from, you wouldn’t expect any questions to be asked, let alone an interrogation to take place, let alone to be turned away.

When children go missing, why do you only look for the white children. More specifically, for the pretty, cute and aesthetically pleasing children, preferably blond. When women are attacked and abused, why do you only care about the white women? Why is there still so much abuse against all women? Why are women still blamed for being raped? Are women not as human as men?

When crimes occur, why do you only report those committed by black individuals? Why do you twist and manipulate every detail? When a Muslim commits any wrong doing, why is it always described as terrorism regardless of the details? If a white man commits an act of terrorism, why is it excused by mental health problems or put down to the fact that he was a loner – with no mention of the word terror.

What are the requirements for the life of a human being to be valued by you? Why are there any requirements?




  1. Sadly all of these hold true! White Supremacy still dominates the western world. Islam and muslims remains the forbidden words, all acts of terror are done by Muslims and if they are not muslims then they are lone unstable wolves. Sadly not all people could dissect out the truth from the media lies.

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  2. ” Why is it ok to turn people away? How can anybody think that it is ok? What kind of society allows that to be normal and accepted?”
    I always think this when I see people protesting refugees coming to our country. Like, they’re here because they have absolutely no other options, how can we possibly say no?

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  3. Love how thought provoking this was…really upsetting sometimes to think we’re still having debates about whether some lives are worth living over others, and the other way round.
    It seems as though this ‘prejudice’ itself, is a nice ticket to be complacent and insensitive. Like you alluded to, most people haven’t ever tasted the gropes of real fear that these people flee. And putting themselves in others shoes is too painful and selfless to do, if they are content my comfortable in their own little bubble. May Allah allow us to internalise the divine truth that no man is better than another in creation, rather the yardstick by which we all are judged against, is the consciousness of God alone. And I can only imagine what a different existence we’d carry out, if that were realised. ❤️

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    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I’m glad it provoked thought, that was definitely the aim… Exactly, it is very upsetting when you sit and think about this problem. Like you say, some people would definitely rather stay in their bubble of privilege and they don’t want to think about the pain of others because it makes them feel uncomfortable.
      Ameen ya rabb ❤


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