Can You Miss Something

Can you miss something you’ve never had?

Can you miss the feel of wind beneath your wings, feeling yourself soar freely if you have never seen the sky

Can you miss the sound of a safe and steady heartbeat within a warm embrace if you have never had a pair of arms awaiting you, a body called home

Can you miss the loving scold of a mother to guide you through your mistakes if you never knew your mum

Can you miss the feeling of new life and movement inside of you; the feeling of excitement and expectancy, if you’ve never expected

Can you miss a homeland, with the roots and culture you inherited, if you have never been there

Can you miss your future, the hopes and dreams you hoped to fulfil, if it has been taken away from you

Can you miss the the feeling of being needed, of your presence being the start to someone’s day, if nobody ever needed you

You can miss everything you never had

But all our lives will be missing if we focus on what has passed us by or been taken from us rather than what we never had before and has been given to us.



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