Time is a Friend to the Heartbroken

Time is one of those things which always seems to do the opposite thing you want it to do. It goes brutally slowly when you are anxiously awaiting something in the future and frighteningly fast when you are anxiously dreading something. When time is running out with someone it flashes by rapidly. When you are somewhere you don’t want to be; time is not your friend.

Time is a friend to the heartbroken and the wounded. The pained and crushed souls who have had to bear grief and tragedies. Time can be the only thing which will help heal your wounds. Time is a healer. Time does heal. Some wounds will never heal completely but the pain will become bearable. Endurable. Either that or you will develop a numbness to that particular pain. The only trouble is that it takes time.

Time puts distance between you and that moment that broke your heart; that moment when you had to say goodbye; that period of your life that you want to forget. Time is the only thing which will take it further away from you.

Some things are bigger than time. Loved ones whose absence will never be mended by all the time in the world. Wounds in your heart which can only be partially mended. Life changing tragedies. But time teaches you how to bear it. How to be patient and how to be stronger. Time teaches you that you didn’t know how brave you could be.

When you look back to that time when you thought you would never stop crying; remember how many times you have smiled since then. Marvel at how you have surprised yourself. It didn’t happen all at once. It was gradual and the changes were minuscule day to day and even week to week. But at some point, enough time had passed that you looked back and realised that everything was different. The pain wasn’t as unbearable, it didn’t reduce you to tears or push you back to square one. It might push you back a few squares and it still hurts, there’s no denying that, but you showed yourself how to go on. You didn’t know how strong you could be until you taught yourself when you had no other choice.

Time can be your friend just as much as your enemy.



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