To Be Told You’re Beautiful

“You’re beautiful.” He told her. The shy tinge in his voice told her even more; that he truly meant it.

She smiled at him but something inside her felt uneasy, unsatisfied. “Is that all?” She gently perused.

“What do you mean?” He frowned at her slightly, genuine confusion written on his face. He thought to himself, isn’t that what women want – to be told they’re beautiful?

“You think I’m beautiful but is that all there is to me?” She was wary and had built her walls up high and strong. To her, beauty seemed to be of little consequence and of little value. She had seen the most beautiful women she had known to be cast aside; beaten; disrespected and neglected. Their beauty hadn’t saved them from any of this, so what good was beauty really?

“Of course not. When I tell you that you’re beautiful, I mean you are beautiful. Who you are. Everything that has made you the woman I see and every part of your mind and soul.” He replied passionately.

That made her blush and smile from the depths of her careful heart.

He continued, “the way you think and the way you talk. Your shy demeanour and your gentle nature. That’s why you’re beautiful to me. You’re beautiful in what I see in your appearance and what I know about you.”

To be told you’re beautiful is enchanting. To be told you’re beautiful for you’re stunning eyes and the curve of your lips; the radiant colour of your hair… what does that really mean? All those characteristics happened to you. That is how God made you. You were born like that. Should you be applauded and adored for something which you had no input in nor control over?

To be told you’re beautiful for your eyes because they’re kind and warm; for your smile which is radiant in its openness and generosity; for your kindness and the way you treat people… That is meaningful.

Someone who is beautiful on the outside might make eyes wander but they would be forgotten in a day. Someone who treats people with care and kindness; who goes out of their way to make people feel welcome; someone with beautiful character – would be remembered for the imprint they leave on people.

If you never saw a mirror, what would you think of yourself? If you didn’t know how to compare yourself to others, except by your personality and character, would that make you a different person?




  1. Yes, indeed. It is so easy to chase the whimsy beauty of the surface, and forget about nurturing one’s inner beauty. I love this poignant reminder, does one good to reflect on inner beauty and what makes a person truly beautiful. Lovely writing here ❤

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  2. Aww, this was so cute!! ^~^ i loved the way you managed to weave such a beautiful message into a short story, so much so, it hardly felt like a lecturing reminder but rather a delicious piece of advice ~

    reflection of true inner beauty is important! And it also means a lot more when people put a little more effort into explaining what they mean by ‘you’re beautiful,’ since it’s easy to say but it means so much more when it’s beyond your looks and more about who you truly are with or without them ~

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    • Aww thank you so much, I’m so glad it came across in that way!
      Exactly, I completely agree! “You’re beautiful” can be applied to anyone but the reasons behind it mean a lot and make us all unique!

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