What it Feels Like to be Hated

I think, as human beings, none of us want to be hated. Especially when the reason feels unjustified. When I read hateful comments about Muslims and Islam, the intensity of the hatred seeping through each word, it shocks me and it hurts me. I have to force myself not to read negative comments like this because it feels so personal, even though I know it’s not. The constant generalisation and assumptions made feel so unfair and unjust, leaving no room for counter arguments. 

There is nothing wrong with intelligent and meaningful debate but when it is just hateful for the sake of being hateful… it’s pointless. Only seeking to hurt people!

If I read an article about Muslims or Islam in some way; I find, without fail, the comments and replies always so hateful. Negative and derogatory, rarely an articulate argument to be found. An articulate argument is welcome because open discussion about Islam is positive. I see people, Muslims and non-Muslims, replying to these hateful comments, trying to reason with or open the mind of the author. Any arguments are usually completely disregarded or not even acknowledged because they are not there to discuss or debate; they are there to hate.

That’s what I find so frustrating. You hate something so strongly, yet you know nothing about it. Just snippets and fragments which have been manipulated and manufactured to fit your agenda. 

You hate terrorists. That’s your excuse as to why you hate every single Muslim so much. Well guess what, Muslims hate terrorists more. Far more Muslims have been victims of terrorism than non-Muslims. Their countries have been torn apart. Not only that, but we all get blamed and held responsible for the people we hate and have nothing to do with

There are approximately 1.7 billion Muslims in the world. I am one of them. I am not a horrible person, I try to be good, I try to be nice to everyone. To the people that hate Muslims, do you know any personally? A single one? 

The hatred of Islam hurts me, because it feels unjustified. It hurts me because there is no end in sight – only more of it to come. It hurts me because of the beautiful and kind people I know that are Muslim as well – so undeserving of hatred from anyone. 

Contrary to popular belief; we are not trying to take over the world. We do not have secret meetings about world domination. All Muslims want to do, really, is believe in our religion; pray; fast the month of Ramadan; be good to our parents; read Qur’an; eat halal food; give in charity; be kind to our neighbours; have good manners and live our lives! Is that so very bad?



  1. There’s three or four websites and a couple of news channels that works around the clock to create fear. I don’t know what motivates them. Probably money or politics. Or both.
    What I’ve learned is that these Islamophobic people didn’t really thought it through. There’s next to no knowledge behind all accusations. It’s just words: oppression, shariah, hijab, world domination…without substance. Most people I’ve discussed with change their mind pretty fast. Most Islamophobic blog posts are copies from these few websites. It might be a bubble that burst into nothing. Like the campaign against Sweden. Whenever you want to read a positive take on Islam, welcome to my blog. 🙂

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    • Maybe I should add that my blog might be boring for a Muslim reader. I stick to the very basics for educational reasons.


    • There’s definitely a constant flow of fear mongering from the media. Ultimately it must be about money and controlling the masses. Like you say there’s no substance to any of the claims made… it’s always great when people are open to becoming more understanding and change their minds – I’ve heard about this happening many times and sometimes when people actually spend time with Muslims. Unfortunately, there are always people who refuse to listen to any reason if it doesn’t fit their agenda.
      I do enjoy reading your blog, it’s refreshing and a nice reminder that there are people who stand up for people who are victimised by others 🙂

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  2. You know what’s really interesting, when you get into an argument with someone it usually goes along the course of one party accusing the other of certain legitimately back upped concerns, while the other defends themselves. It’s a process of having a problem formed and articulated based on sound facts that are mutually agreed upon as such, and then debated. Only when a person has no material to work with, do they resort to hatred and personal bashing. It’s a telltale sign of losing😶 It kind of makes you wonder, the amount of energy and resources spent to block out Islam and cause it to be a foreign entity of killing and barabarism, only solidifies its truth more. Maybe the Islamaphobia is more being scared of the simplicity of ideologies and peace, than of actual killing and barbarism. After all, it really pays to always have a phenomenal propaganda war perpetrating fear to fall back against, when all else fails!

    Really sorry for the long comment, your article just ignited it😅 Love this MashaAllah 🙂

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    • That’s absolutely spot on, when they have no sound argument, no substance backing them, it leaves them resorting to hatred…
      Exactly, the fear has been manufactured and fuelled by propaganda to suit various political agendas.
      I think it’s true that partly was people fear about Islam is the fact that it is so strong and withstanding in these modern times. When other religions are essentially dying out and becoming less practiced, Islam is only growing! People are scared and threatened by it because of that.
      Loved your comment! Aww thank you I’m glad you did 🙂

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  3. May Allah guide us… I remember a few years ago watching an interview with Ben Affleck which surprised me, he said Muslims are regular people they just pray, take their kids to school and make sandwiches. (Or something like that) and it stuck with me ever since. Alhamdulillah for those who tolerate Muslims and understand that the media is a controlled fear mongering owned organisation.

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  4. Such a sad reality that repeats with every form of discrimination and prejudice. The stereotypes that all of any race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or religion are one way, is wrong. There is good and bad in everyone, but the generlization is unethical! Thank you for sharing such an informative and insightful post!

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  5. I hear you, and thank you for sharing, but must say as a gentle reminder…. this is to be expected. No Prophet came with the truth except that he was hated. Some Prophets they killed. They thought they killed Jesus (peace be upon him) They hated our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) to where they plotted to kill him, but Allah had other plans for him and his ummah. They hated him in Taif when all he wanted to do was tell them the truth. He could have had them destroyed once and for all, but, no, he said in his kindness and in consideration of the ummah to come, that perhaps their children will be guided, and from them (I believe) we have Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him), who gave us an enormous amount of hadiths.
    Despite the hatred in our present day, Islam is still growing, ma sha Allah! I just want us to watch what we say and do, and try to live and walk in the noble footsteps of our Messenger who was the best of people and the best of examples. And in sha Allah some may be guided because of our noble character., ameen.

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    • Thanks for your comment sis and JazakAllah kheir for your reminder, you are absolutely right! I completely understand that it is to be expected and it is part of being a Muslim in these times. As a revert, I’ve learned to try and deal with opposition to my religion. I guess the aim of writing about it was to try and make people see it from the perspective of Muslims, or just to open some eyes or make people think twice.
      May Allah make it easy for us all, ameen!

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