Love & Happiness – The Goal We all Have in Common?

Love and happiness. Isn’t that what we all want – as human beings? Surely this goal transcends all colours and sizes; all beliefs and views; all lifestyles and choices. Ultimately, isn’t that what we are all trying to achieve in some way or another?

Why must we tread on one another’s accomplishments and dreams… why do we hate to see other people achieving their goals if we aren’t reaching our own? 

Why do people spend so much time and energy on hatred? They devote their time specifically for the purpose of hating – usually the hatred of a particular group within society. Say for example, oh I don’t know, Muslims *ahem*.

It truly does amaze me sometimes, the devotion people give to their objects of hate. Wouldn’t they rather get a hobby, spend time on something they actually love or at least like or at least tolerate? 

If everyone spent less time talking about things they hate, the world might just be a slightly better place. Why do human beings love to focus on the negative when there is actually plenty of positive things if we only look. 

Hating someone or something isn’t going to make anyone happy. Tearing down other people’s happiness isn’t going to make anyone happy. 

Tolerance is a far step from hatred. All of the hatred we are all surrounded by in this age becomes overwhelming. From all angles. Religion, race, ethnicity, size, colour, creed, gender. All of the history behind us and we still don’t learn

As human beings, we can’t be happy all the time. Not even for one whole day, I don’t think. Constant ups and downs and moods interchanging fluidly. It’s ok not to be happy. It’s human. It’s how we were made. If we did not feel the absence of happiness, how would we know its presence? What makes us human is the strive; the pursuit. Finding what makes us happy. Maybe we’ll never find it and maybe we’ll never be; but if we can help someone else along the way then why not try.

We all want to find some form of love and happiness in our lives. The difference is the vast array of meanings this has for everyone. For some, happiness is reading a good book with a nice cup of tea. For some, it’s achieving their goals in their career. Happiness can be found in the most obscure places; misunderstood by everyone else except the person who feels it. Love can be found in friendships; partnerships; marriage; children; pets; colleagues. Love can be found in helping other people. Love can be found in standing up for those who are oppressed. 





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