Can You Miss Something

Can you miss something you've never had? Can you miss the feel of wind beneath your wings, feeling yourself soar freely if you have never seen the sky Can you miss the sound of a safe and steady heartbeat within a warm embrace if you have never had a pair of arms awaiting you, a … Continue reading Can You Miss Something


HER Stories: Charlotte Brontë

In this post of HER Stories I wanted to share the story of one of my literary heroines. Through loss and hardship she was patient and her writing was all the more beautiful for it. Charlotte Brontë was born in 1816 and was the third daughter of her parents Reverend Patrick and Maria Brontë. When … Continue reading HER Stories: Charlotte Brontë

HER Stories: Alexa

Let me tell you about Alexa. A strong, brave woman who only discovered the depths of her strength when she was fighting for her life. Although Alexa is not real, her story is. She had loved him, truly and without limitations. Even now, even after everything; Rory would always be the love of her life, … Continue reading HER Stories: Alexa

HER Stories: Muslim Women & Education

In the western world, the majority of people don't associate Muslim women with being educated and knowledge seeking. Muslim women are seen as shadows of people beneath veils. Subordinate creatures who are restricted and consigned to the kitchen. The western world has this perception because it compares Muslim women to its own standards. Unfortunately, there … Continue reading HER Stories: Muslim Women & Education

Introducing New Series: HER Stories

Women. Ladies. Girls. Females. So many different names for us. Here in Scotland women can be referred to as lassies or hens. All over the world there are different colloquial terms. Some of them derogatory. There's no denying there is still sexism present today - in all sectors of society. Institutional and systemic sexism which … Continue reading Introducing New Series: HER Stories

Dear non-Muslims, I’m Sorry.

"I'm sorry." They said. For the umpteenth time. It occurred to them that, in fact, they had nothing to be sorry for but if they didn't say it, life would be much harder. *** Dear non-Muslims, I'm sorry that innocent people all over the world have been killed. I'm sorry that the killers associate themselves … Continue reading Dear non-Muslims, I’m Sorry.

Time is a Friend to the Heartbroken

Time is one of those things which always seems to do the opposite thing you want it to do. It goes brutally slowly when you are anxiously awaiting something in the future and frighteningly fast when you are anxiously dreading something. When time is running out with someone it flashes by rapidly. When you are … Continue reading Time is a Friend to the Heartbroken

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominated by the lovely and talented Chasing Sakina for the 'Sunshine Blogger Award'. Big thank you to her for the continued positive support and feedback on my writing which always means a lot.     The Rules:  • Thank the person/persons who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.  • … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award