Scotland Through Her Eyes – Part 3


Rays of sunshine emerged through gaps in the persistent and ever lingering clouds. Like rays of hope they shone amidst, and despite of, a bleak background. Rays showing her glimpses of beauty which she chose not to see before. Reflections glittered where dull waters lay previously. Colours developed and changed as the light drew over them; showing her that a little light can change perspective altogether.


The same beach, another day, but fog descended throughout the bay. A new feeling of mystery spread over the sand along with the fog. What was usually an open beach, now resembled a scene of secrets and dangers awaiting. The ripples in the sand again forged by the sea which loomed threateningly behind the curtain of fog.


The cliffs clinging onto the clear air; trying not to become engulfed in the anonymity of the mist around them. The fog; a body which embodied the unknown and which overtakes anything that enters it. Once in the fog, you are apart of it. Not to be seen from the outside. It reminded her of the way society wants everyone to become the same; conform to all the necessary components. Not to be seen or heard individually. Sometimes she would rather be a part of the fog than society.


A cave; a refuge or possibly a trap, within the cliffs. The fog still visible through the tall crevice but the distance was impossible to tell. Distances and all perspectives were swallowed by the fog. Everything was controlled by and within the fog. Inside this cave she could watch it, unseen and undetected. She could choose not to be a part of it. To not get colonised by it.



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