Scotland Through Her Eyes – Part 2


An array of boulders and pebbles, each helping one other to create a pathway for their love to reach the sea. Everyday the tide would take her away only to bring her back again. They knew she would come back, like she did everyday, and yet every absence was too long. The uncertainty which lingered in the air; whether she would be gone for good this time.


The sea, effortlessly powerful as she was, remained blissfully unaware of the pain inflicted by her absence everyday. The damp sand on the shore, rippled into despair awaiting for her return, even with the comfort of her remnants from the day before. Such a formidable entity, yet she provokes such love and attachment.


Footprints between the jagged pathway would be washed away without a trace, as were the millions before them. The only traces left to be seen were those imprinted by the sea herself. The jagged shape of the rocks caused by her harsh and relentless power crashing down on them.


She looked out at the battered cliffs; how they withstood all the hardships thrown at them. They stood, enduring and persisting, despite the bruises and injuries they bore. The sea might chip away at them, attempting to break and mould them, but still they prevailed. She admired the only ones to stand up to the sea.



  1. I loved this one and the first one! Scotland is one of my favourite places to visit, and there are so many beautiful parts, your writing makes me feel like I am right back there, seeing it and experiencing it through your lens. Beautiful writing ma shaa Allah!

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    • Aww thank you so much! Oh that’s great you’ve visited Scotland, I’m glad and impressed – a lot of English people have never visited! Where abouts have you been?
      Aww thanks for your lovely words sis! 🙂

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      • Well I’ve been to Edinburgh quite a few times, it is one of my favourite cities, and then of course I’ve been up around the Loch Ness area, and other bits of the highlands but for that I was on an organised tour and didn’t actually know where we technically were most of the time! haha

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      • I know, the whole time I lived in the UK I always wanted to do a trip to Glasgow, but somehow I just never got there. In shaa Allah someday!!

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  2. What’s the weather in Scotland like right now? I couldn’t help but be super curious because the pictures were absolutely stunning! I loved them so much 😍 you were blessed to get such lovely shots!

    I loved how you illustrated the strength and resilience of the rocks refusal to be worn down by the waves! There’s so much to be learnt from the creation of Allah (swt) if we but observed more often! 😭✨ it’s one of the many reasons I love being around nature spots like the ones you visited tbh, because I feel like I’m closer to Allah (swt) in a way that’s not interrupted by the normal loudness and noise that a city or busy town life has to offer. I’d love to visit Scotland one day In’Sha’Allah 🙊🌸✨

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    • It’s still pretty cold at the moment but nothing compared to what it can be like… It’s very changeable at the moment, it snowed a tiny bit the other day but was much warmer lol!
      Aww yeah I love coming across stunning views alhamdulillah!
      That’s so true, that’s why I love spending time with nature and using it as reflection like the Prophet pbuh used to do…
      Aww yeah I can completely relate, it’s so special!! I really hope you can one day insha’Allah.. the great thing is that you can find many spots which are absolutely stunning but also secluded and quiet! 🙂 ❤

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