Scotland Through Her Eyes – Part 1

Loch Ken

As she looked out at the Loch, so peaceful and serene, it welcomed her with its beauty. It shared with her its tranquility and gave her refuge from the harsh contrast of the ever bustling streets and roads. People bumping into her and staring at her for reasons unknown to her. On this crisp, cold but bright winters’ day; the Loch promised her privacy and undisturbed time for her thoughts.

Loch Ken

She saw the layers of trees on the far side of the Loch; keeping secrets safe and discreetly shielding the wildlife within. The reflection of the sun on the water acted like a gleam in the eye of the Loch, letting her in on their secrets.

She thought about the layers within herself. The outer layer which was on display for everyone to see. Delving deeper, the layers became more faded as did the trees. Parts of herself which were carefully shared and the mountain of her heart guarded by the layers.

Red Kite

She watches the red kite circle herself in the sky gracefully whilst keenly searching for her prey. Her wings spread majestically, allowing her to surf through the air effortlessly.

How small and insignificant everything must look from the sky, she thought to herself. She longed to see the bigger picture; to see the beauty of how everything fits and lives alongside, rather than the problematic details and difficulties she seemed to see everyday.

Husband at Loch Ken

The beautiful scenery only made ever more beautiful by the one she was sharing it with.



  1. I was thinking of trying to write in third person as well and reading this inspired me to try giving it a shot In’Sha’Allah 🙊🌸

    Maybe we could do a combined series kind of thing of ‘through her eyes’ ? 🙈 just a thought. Even though I’m not that great a writer yet. That way people could see different sights as well.

    My heart has a huge soft spot for nature and going places that aren’t filled with buildings and large crowds, especially because like you mentioned above, it can reveal so many secrets and provide a comforting sense of silence as well as peace, can’t wait to read part 2 🙂✨ ~

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww yeah definitely give it a shot, why not, it’s quite fun actually 😀
      Oooh I love that idea, I’m definitely up for it, we should totally do that! You are a great writer masha’Allah 🙂
      Exactly it would be really good to show different places etc.
      Aw me too, I find it so inspiring and peaceful! Plus I love animals and wildlife, which you don’t get in the cities! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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