Her Beauty

Every morning she would look into the mirror, carefully applying make up to her face delicately one stroke of a brush at a time. I must look beautiful, she told herself everyday. She doesn’t think about who she is beautifying herself for or who her beauty will attract. She only knows that she must look beautiful, that is simply what is required of her as a woman. 

People who are beautiful get that bit further in life, they seem to accomplish more and have more success. More happiness. More. Isn’t that how the world works?

In this life, in this world. This world where the measure of success is earning money and owning houses. The more and bigger the better, regardless of how it is achieved, regardless of who is trodden on and oppressed along the way. Those details are unimportant, mere collateral. 

Real relationships aren’t so important, merely the appearance and the shell of them. 

And if you’re beautiful, well the world is yours. Look at successful hijabi entrepreneurs, would they be as successful if they weren’t quite so beautiful?

“What a strange illusion it is to suppose that beauty is goodness” 

– Leo Tolstoy

She sees the world around her; she sees how women are acknowledged and valued for their beauty and she subjects herself to these material requirements. She loses herself in the storm of this selfish world where she will never really be good enough and she forgets her real value. She is so busy trying to make people love her and love her beauty that she forgets. She forgets that Allah loves her more than anyone can love her. She forgets that Allah made her perfectly, just as He intended, down to each strand of hair. She forgets that it is the beauty of her heart, mind and soul which are truly valuable. The way she treats people, the kindness she shares and the manners she displays. These are what she will be remembered for and these are what will matter when That Day comes. 



  1. We all loose ourselves from time to time I think. We get caught up. We forget our purpose, and why we were created in the first place. It’s sad, and like you beautifully illustrated, it’s a thought many can relate to. Wanting to be good enough. Wanting to impress and please others. So much so, we forget the natural beauty and goodness that we were created with. Thank you so much for reminding us through your writing, what true beauty is and how we shouldn’t forget who we should be trying to please ultimately! โœจ

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    • It’s definitely really hard in these times where people place so much on physical beauty – even women to women, it’s definitely not just a male gaze problem. It would be impossible not to ever be affected by it. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Safiyah! I think me have a lot in common……. I am also a “Scottish Muslimah” Alhamdulillah…
    This post in particular is so relevant and special. Recently, I have been reflecting a LOT about beauty. I feel so confused when I look in the mirror these days I feel like my face is literally changing… my husband said yes it is. I look fresh, clean and natural now. I didn’t realise it because it was such a gradual process (literally years) that I stopped wearing make-up. I wear a tiny bit nowadays maybe one day I can stop altogether, hopefully! But it was so gradual that I only realised recently how much different I look… also, when I look at others I feel perplexed and in awe when I see women wearing long, loose khimar and niqab. I love the colourful ones, the beautiful shades. They look so elegant and unique, I really admire them and think they are most beautiful.

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    • Wow that’s amazing alhamdulillah! Are you still living in Scotland?
      That’s so lovely to hear… It’s something I think about a lot, especially as there is becoming such a cultures with hijabis and make-up. My aim is never to put other women down but I do feel that heavy make-up detracts from the beauty and purpose of hijab. Like yourself I do wear a very minimal amount and also would hope to stop one day. Aww wow subhanAllah, I think that’s lovely when you can see the noor in someone’s face because it is natural and clear!
      I feel the same amount women in niqab, jilbab and loose khimar like you say, it really does look so beautiful, sometimes I wonder how some people can’t see it!
      Thank you for your lovely comment! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • No, I’m in Egypt now! I came to Egypt in 2012 and I never went back to Scotland, except to visit! What’s it like being a Muslimah in Scotland, I feel intrigued? Do you have a Blog Post about it?
        Exactly, I don’t have the right to judge or condemn those who choose to do that but at the same time, I don’t have to be like them just to fit in… each of us have our struggles and our own idea of beauty but recently my own opinion of beauty has really changed Alhamdulillah!
        Thank you for your reply! Jazak Allah Kheir ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Aww that’s great masha’Allah, what’s it like living in Egypt?
        It’s ok alhamdulillah, I haven’t written about it exclusively, just snippets really. One of my first posts was about the journey moving up here. I’m originally Scottish but I was actually living in England before. I generally find Scots friendlier. There are always those who stare etc but I find Scots more likely to approach me or strike up conversation with me than in England, if you know what I mean.
        Yeah exactly that’s how I feel. It’s just quite sad how so many women are consumed by it. Hijab makes me feel beautiful and valuable and I wish others could experience that without the extents they go to. Sorry for the ramble lol could talk about this topic all day really, wa iyyaki ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • It’s interesting to say the least! Although, it’s a Muslim majority country so you’re not the odd-one-out wearing hijab like I would be in Scotland, you are still the odd-one0out in many ways if you know what I mean? Egypt is run by culture & traditions sadly, not Islam.
        I agree with you about that btw. No offence to the English, I have many English friends but I think you’re right! Many people tell me that, too.
        You are spot on about the Hijab may Allah enlighten you always โค

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      • Hmm yeah I know what you mean, I’m sure it must be really hard at times when it comes to certain traditions and practices of culture. That is a shame indeed.
        Yeah me too, my closest friends are English but there’s definitely a difference in the cultures/attitudes.
        Ameen, may Allah enlighten you as well and shower you with blessings! โค

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