The Fire Inside Her

Her soul was fuelled by hatred. There was a fire inside her, a wretched and unforgiving fire which ordered her heart to pour her hatred on those around her; anyone she came into contact with.

She couldn’t remember what had started this fire and after a while she stopped wondering where it came from, she only knew that it was there and that it needed to be fed.

She had grown to love her hatred, if that was possible, as it was sadly the only thing she could love. She now found that she liked that her hatred was contagious and she enjoyed inflicting it on others. There were no limits and no boundaries, nobody safe from her vicious words and her malicious eyes.

She was exhilarated by the ripple effect of her vulgar heart. Her sharp words inflicted like a knife on a victim who she then watched recoil from these words only to pass them on to the next victim. She marvelled at the power of words, the damage they could cause. She had learned that words were a far superior weapon to any dagger, no matter how sharp the blade; words were sharper. A wound inflicted by a dagger brings blood, and physical damage. A wound inflicted by words, brings heartbreak, damage to a persons soul and their very essence. A person can be broken by words. A string of words carefully selected to be imprinted on someone can bring them down where nothing else could. Words are imprinted, more permanently and everlasting than any bruise or cut. They can linger in someone’s mind as long as they live, reminding them of pain, inflicting the wound anew every time they scribe their way into the mind again.

Oh how she loved the power of words. She had perfected her cruel tone, the harsh accent to her voice which could make people shudder. Such power she thought she had.

Little did she know that there was another girl who was more powerful and the fire inside her raged even stronger but it raged with a burning love. A fire which yearned to share its warmth and passion. A girl whose eyes burned brightly with unconditional kindness which she shared with anyone she met, without a second thought as to who they were, where they came from or where they were going. She equally loved watching the ripple effect of her own heart. A smile, a laugh and a greeting all had the power to make someone’s day; for her there was no better feeling. She loved showing people their beauty, reminding anyone that life is full of wonders. She flourished because the simplest of things can make people happy and can bring people together.

The only thing they had in common was that neither of those girls knew how the fire inside themselves had started. What it was that struck the match and inflamed the fire which now burned endlessly within them both – each refusing to be doused out – neither of them knew.

The fire within them both could be fuelled by hatred or love; malice or kindness. They both had the will to choose what they share with the world and who they become. Each girl held the power within them to bring people down or to help them rise up. What each of them chooses to be fulfilled by, defines them; what they choose to feed their fire with.






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