His Love is a Force of Nature

His love is a cascading river; endlessly pouring itself into the sea, corroding harsh rocks and bringing nourishment to the life around it.

His love is a volcano; ready to unleash a flow of fire, passionate and scorching.

His love is an evergreen tree through the harshest of winters; enduring and unfaltering.

His love is an exquisite sunset, painting the whole sky with the mesmerising colours of his heart.

His love is the beginnings of spring; everyday signs of new growth and new life blooming, bringing with it happiness and hope.

His love is a ruthless desert; persisting and persevering with an unfounded strength, surviving against the odds.

His love is the Northern Lights; a rare phenomenon to behold, utterly breath-taking and unmatched in its beauty.

His love is the summer sun’s warmth on my face; I can feel it caressing my skin even when I can’t see it.

His love is a valiant wind, lifting me up and pushing me forward when the rain is dragging me down.

His love is a force of nature, not to be reckoned with.





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