A Woman Scorned – Part 3

He opened the door and his jaw almost dropped. Elena loved watching the confusion flicker across his face before he composed himself.

“Elena! Wh-what are you doing here?” He tried to sound nonchalant but failed rather miserably.

Was he worried, did he suspect anything? After all, his three mistresses had all gone missing. Did he not wonder? Elena knew he had stopped seeing all of them when he had finished with her. How ridiculous that he didn’t continue seeing even one of them. Was there just no point if it wasn’t hurting someone?

“Oh hi,” she plastered on her most disarming smile and fluttered her eyes at him, “I was in the area… I’m having car troubles. I’m waiting for the recovery van to arrive and I was just desperate for the loo and I thought, hang on, I know someone who lives here!” She giggled flirtatiously as she feigned embarrassment.

“Oh no, what a nightmare, come in!” He smiled back at her and ushered her in. His confusion had evaporated with Elena’s charming manner. He had been expecting to see the slightly psychopathic side of her personality. Those first months after the break up when she would knock on his door screaming at him, thrashing at him violently. The sight of her had struck fear initially but he was relieved that she seemed to be back to her old self.

Elena waltzed in and made her way to the bathroom. She didn’t care if he believed her or not, it really didn’t matter, she just needed a few minutes access to his house. The bathroom was upstairs next to his bedroom. She made sure he wasn’t watching her as she slipped into his bedroom.

She just needed to plant a few pieces of evidence. First in his bedroom. She had a piece of jewellery from each of the women. This is what the police would call his trophies, Elena smiled to herself. She had to hide them somewhere that he wouldn’t find them, somewhere he didn’t go regularly. She looked through his draws and in one of them found a small wooden box with some cufflinks in them. Perfect, she thought. She emptied the jewellery from the plastic bag into the box.

Now she went into the bathroom, shut the door and locked it. She brought out another plastic bag with some cotton buds in it. Each one had skin cells on it. Each one she rubbed carefully on the taps where they joined the sink. He wouldn’t clean them any time soon and he wouldn’t notice a thing, Elena knew.

Elena had already placed a few discreet pieces of evidence relating to him on all of the bodies before she buried them.

Now she flushed the toilet and made her way back downstairs. He was smiling at her, completely unsuspecting, and offered her a drink. He didn’t want her to leave and his hand grabbed hers as she finally made her way out. She looked back at him and thought, three years too late.

“Do you wanna get a drink with me some time, Elena?” He asked her as he clung onto her hand.

“Yeah, maybe,” she shrugged casually, rolling her eyes as she left. Who did he think he was?

That night she gave the police an anonymous tip off which would lead them to the bodies. After that it would only be a matter of time before they would be pounding on his door. Now the best part; she could sit back and watch this all unravel in front of her.

Elena wanted front row seats though. She sat in her car and watched as he was arrested at his house. The utter confusion and dismay on his face was priceless. It all went so quickly, too quickly. She wanted to revel and enjoy every moment.

The trial commenced. She scoured the internet for every article about the case and watched every news bulletin. She longed to be sitting there in the court, watching him be questioned, but that would be a step too close. She read all the comments about him, how disgusted and horrified people were. So they should be.

He was found guilty. Well, the evidence was there and the evidence doesn’t lie, Elena smirked. He was sentenced to three life sentences imprisonment. But even better than that and most importantly; everyone around him, everyone he knew and loved, had all turned their backs on him. How could they stand by him and continue to love him after those evil things he had done. And he couldn’t even admit to it, he couldn’t even say he was sorry.

Elena watched gleefully as he was gradually left completely desolate. Utterly alone.

That was when she went to visit him in prison, to see just how far he had sunk. She thought to herself as she sat down at the table that surely now, it would fall into place in his mind, and he would know.

“Elena, what are you doing, why are you here?” His voice cracked as the words came out. He was truly a broken shell of the man she had known.

“I… I believe you. That you didn’t do it.” Elena said matter of factly.

“You do?” He exclaimed incredulously.

Surely now he would realise.

“Of course I do. I loved you ever since I met you. I know you. Better than you ever realised. I know you’re not capable of this.” Elena gazed at him intently as she spoke. She felt the rumblings of an old earthquake beginning in her heart as she voiced her feelings. No, she thought, not again.

The relief on his face. The tears in his eyes. His hands reach across the table and took hers in his.

“I’ve always loved you too, Elena. I’m so sorry about everything I did to you. Everything. I was a coward. I was scared. Scared of how much I loved you. And all I ever do is hurt the people I love. That’s why I pushed you away, that’s why… That’s why I…” His voice faltered and he furiously blinked back tears before he continued. “I was going to tell you, Lena, I wanted to tell you. I never stopped loving you. I love you. I was gonna tell you over that drink, but we never went, and then all this…”

He stopped and gazed at Elena, waiting for a response.

Elena was furious. This was not part of the plan. How dare he, after all this time, after everything. How dare he say all this to me, everything that I needed to hear three years ago. Tears had escaped her eyes and were trickling down her cheeks.

“I’m so sorry, my love.” He wiped her tears from her cheeks and repeatedly told her that her loved her. “You’re all I’ve got now Lena, you’re everything. I’m so relieved you believe me!”

No, it’s too little too late. The damage was done, there was no going back from it. She wiped the remainder of her tears, blinked several times and looked at him coldly.

She leaned forwards and whispered in his ear, “I know you didn’t do it, because my love, it. Was. Me.”

She sat back, watching his face contort as he spluttered and stammered. With that she got up and walked away. She looked back at him one last time and blew him a kiss.

He was standing now, screaming and shouting; telling everyone who would listen what she had just told him, but nobody would listen of course.

Elena walked away, waiting to feel triumphant, waiting to feel gloriously victorious. But it didn’t come. She felt numb. She still felt broken. The blood than ran through her body was cold. She wanted it to stop.

He had broken her heart, so she had broken him in every way she could. Everyone else, they were collateral. But now she carried them on her back, those three women, their families, his family and they were so heavy. She couldn’t bear the weight now that her motivation was gone and she was left with the blank canvas of the rest of her life of carrying this monstrosity. She had lost her purpose. The thing that had kept her going for three years and now everything around her came to a stop.

She didn’t know what else to do, so she wrote him a letter, a very long letter. Saying goodbye, forever.



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