A Woman Scorned – Part 2

Three years later

I’d like to tell you that time healed Elena’s wounds as well as her desire for vengeance. I’d love to tell you that despite her best efforts to never love again, she had found someone who thawed her heart. But this was not the case.

Now dear reader I must warn you, Elena was not like other women. Her idea of revenge may not be what you’re expecting so please, brace yourself.

As time went on, her desire for vengeance only increased. It had taken a great deal of intricate planning; a fair amount of good timing, mountains of patience and a sprinkle of luck; but her plan was finally coming to the final stages.

With the third body finally in its carefully chosen location, not too close and not too far from the other two, she was reaching the point where she would be able to watch him squirm in pain. His pain would be different from the other three, a special infliction of pain for him.

It had been all too easy really. She’d found out who each of the women were. The other women. One by one she had analysed their lives, studied their every move and followed them for months on end if necessary, until she had every detail she needed.

First was Becca. She had been the easiest indeed. Not much mystery to her at all. She took two months to study, capture, kill and bury. Elena had befriended her at her gym, knowing that she walked home afterwards.

“Oh I live that way too, lets walk together!” She had feigned.

Choosing her method of killing had taken some thought. Elena toyed with the idea of cutting their throats, ideally this would have been her choice, but with it came a lot of blood. A lot of mess. A lot of evidence. Too complicated with too many chances of it going wrong.

Strangling was the winner in the end. With his belt, just to make it truly perfect. One of the many useful items he had left at her flat in his rush to get out of her life. He never made any attempts to try and get his belongings back, for the sole reason that it would mean communication with her.

One of the many things he would regret.

After Becca came Victoria. After waiting a few months for the heat to die down over Becca’s disappearance, Elena set her focus on Victoria. Victoria was the prettiest one, Elena thought to herself; I wonder if that’s what he thought too.

Victoria wasn’t quite as easy to befriend as Becca had been. She mostly socialised with guys. Not one to be friendly to another female. So Elena kept it simple and waited for her opportunity to strike when Victoria was alone. Which again wasn’t easy; there was always a man in her trails. Always a different man. Always a different routine.

Eventually Elena had her moment, when Victoria had been to the local shop for a few necessary items. Her walk back took her down a quiet alleyway, Elena had already scouted it and stored it in her mind. So that was where Victoria took her last breath.

“Why?! Why are you doing this to me?” They had both cried something to that effect.

Elena’s response was harsh and unforgiving, “what makes you think you deserve an explanation?”

Last of all but by no means least, was Zoe. Zoe was married, with a young child. A toddler. Naughty, naughty Zoe, Elena chucked to herself, whose child is that?!

Now you might think that with Zoe being a wife and a mother, this might have caused Elena to falter. Perhaps she might have felt some mercy at this point. You would be very wrong because in fact it spurred her on even more and only increased her lust for vengeance.

Zoe had done the most talking, the most crying and the most pleading. Zoe had been special.

“Why?! Why are you doing this to me, who are you?!” She pleaded with Elena. She was tied up, Elena always tied them up first, and Elena was standing over her.

“Oh wouldn’t you like to know…” Elena only toyed with her more.

“Please, I’ve got a son! He’s only two, please! I’m begging you don’t hurt me!” Zoe had tears streaming down her face as she desperately begged for her life.

“Yes, I know Zoe, and who is the father of your son?” Elena giggled as she bent down, leaning her face close to Zoe’s.

“Wh-what?” Zoe stuttered.

“How about I simplify the question for you Zoe. Is your husband the father of your son? And don’t even think about lying, because I will know. Only the truth can get you out of this now.” Elena’s voice was cold and piercing, laced with threats as she looked down at Zoe.

Zoe was trembling with fear, the tears continued. She shook her head in response to Elena’s question, hoping that the truth really would save her. It would not.

Elena tutted at Zoe and shook her head in disapproval. Zoe’s tears stopped soon after that, as did her breath.

Zoe, Victoria and Becca were all buried now. In a special place in a special woods. Where Elena and he used to go for walks.

It had been far too easy for Elena’s liking in some ways, but then at least it had gone smoothly so she could now implement the final stage. The big finale.

When each of them went ‘missing’ it had made Elena careful and paranoid. She was precise and meticulous in every move but still she didn’t want to be overconfident. When they each went missing, the suspicion fell to those close to them, specifically the men. If not the men close to them, then a strange man. A horrible, vicious and unknown man. Never did the police cast their eyes on a woman who had been scorned. The cases of each women hadn’t been linked yet but that would soon change.

So now, Elena sat in her car outside his house. At last she would make him feel the pain he deserved. An euphoric grin spread across her face as she got out of her car and headed to his front door. She was wearing her gloves and a smirk as she playfully knocked in that tune on his door.




  1. This gave me reminiscent chills from reading “The Girl On The Train” I don’t know why 😶 death wasn’t something I expected in the least, but i wonder if they’re really dead…or if she made it seem that way…mysteries always arise when you least expect them to. I wonder if she’ll have a nervous breakdown…or if her consciousness will kick in. What if it was all her well thought out plan, down to the exact words that her victims would say…what if she hasn’t really committed the murders yet…so many questions and theories 🙈 will there be a part three? 🙊 can’t wait to find out what happens next..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooh really, I loved that book, read it recently! Yeah it’s pretty extreme, not something I would normally write but it just kind of came to me 🙈 wanted to try something a bit different! I’m glad it got you guessing haha and yes indeed part 3 in a couple of days insha’Allah 😉☺️

      Liked by 1 person

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