A Woman Scorned – Part 1

He casually brushed himself off and walked away unbruised and unfazed. Completely unaltered by their encounter. Encounter meaning three years of what Elena thought was a relationship. His lack of pain and indifference to hers only made her wounds throb more brutally.

He looked at her, how broken she was now, and he was visibly repulsed. He pushed her away, wanting this ruined, dishevelled girl to get away from him. The pain disgusted him. The very pain that he had inflicted; the break that he had caused with his own blow. Not one, not two, but three other women.

He was unaffected by her pain because he never cared about her in the first place. Her pain didn’t cause him any discomfort. It didn’t keep him up at night, like it did her. He never gave her a second thought. She, on the other hand, was unable to push him from her mind. No matter how hard she tried. The harder she pushed, the more he clung to every neuron in her brain.

She was just a shell now. The way he had hurt her had completely sucked the life out of her. She had lost her innocence, her natural happiness, her friendly manner. She had lost her naivety and her optimistic view of the world. Of people. She was left confused and bewildered at how nonchalantly and how easily he had hurt her.

When Elena found out about the other women, she confronted him in a whirl of passion and rage. He seemed inconvenienced if anything but mostly, nothing. He didn’t apologise, he didn’t fight for her, he didn’t plead her not to leave. All of these things he would pay for.

She saw him move on as though she didn’t exist, as though her pain didn’t exist, which drove her to despair. She felt desperate to rid herself of this shattered and bruised heart. She didn’t want to ever feel that pain again, not even one iota of it.

She didn’t let herself hope that her heart might mend one day, instead she let it freeze. She never intended to love again. She was not an ordinary girl, she would not get over this heartbreak and find another love. That was not how she would let this story go.

He had turned her into this cold and unloving shell. He was oblivious to this heart that he had ruined. He really should have been more careful. How he had underestimated Elena. If he had realised that all it would have taken to appease her, was to show a little pain. If he had at least appeared to be somewhat saddened about letting her go, she might have been able to find a way to let go of him as well.

He didn’t know how much love she had wanted to give him. He had discarded her like a toy that had outlived its interest. So oblivious and unthinking was he, that it didn’t occur to him that she might seek vengeance. He had hurt her too easily. Moved on too quickly and walked away without so much as a graze.

After the throbbing pain had worn off, she was left with absence of all feeling. She was left numb. She recovered herself from the overwhelming pain his blows had delivered; after she had turned her heart to ice; after she had terminated all of her capabilities for love; only then did she plan her revenge. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Elena’s revenge would be ice cold.

She didn’t care how long it would take; she would make him suffer. She would make him feel the pain that she had felt, no matter what it took. She would find a way to make him regret the pain he had caused her. The thought of his heart breaking brought a smile to her face. She began humming a tune, the tune of a song they used to dance to. She swayed from side to side along with the tune and paused as the seed of an idea was planted in her mind. A few seconds later she was giggling with excitement as the plan for her revenge was forming and coming to life in her mind.


Should Elena get her revenge or should she move on?




  1. Beautiful dear, beautiful. Love the way your words flow into each other. It seemed like one could feel the emotions that were described. And thank you so so much for following my blog.

    With love,



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