Happiness in the 21st Century

It seems unfortunately rare to find people who are genuinely happy for your happiness. Even those closest to you, even those who love you. Humans are by nature greedy and jealous, this is what I have found.

If you are blessed with something good, they may smile appropriately and say the right words but then the facade drops. They drop a comment here, give a look there and you realise they want what you have for themselves. If they had the very same blessing in their lives, perhaps they could be unfalteringly happy for you. Perhaps it is just not in their nature.

People showcase their lives – only the best bits – for everyone to see. Look at my beautiful home; after it has been meticulously cleaned for the purpose of this picture. Look at where I go on holiday, look at all the beautiful views and the amazing food I am eating… but I won’t show you behind the scenes so you must see how happy I am. Look at my amazing spouse, see how beautiful they are. See what an amazing time we have together, absolutely all the time.

We don’t show the world our flaws, our imperfections, the lows and rough patches, the difficult times, the blemishes.

Happiness has become fake and forced. Something that has to be broadcasted and amplified for everyone to acknowledge. I wish we could go back to a simpler time – when happiness was shared with the people around you, the people who also stood by you and helped you through the hard times. People are too busy carefully sharing snippets and edited versions of their happiness with all their ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ rather than sharing genuine and real moments with the most cherished people in their lives.

I have become careful and shy when sharing my times of bliss and happiness, just as I am careful with whom I share my troubles. Not only does this protect me this means I get to experience genuine and real happiness in return from those select few with whom I share my life.




  1. It is really sad but so incredibly true! I couldn’t agree more with your approach, the less people that know the better it is. I believe the more chance you have of protecting both yourself and your loved ones from harm, when few people know. Though it can be beneficial at times to share the good, caution should always be exercised just the same. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the topic ~

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    • Exactly, you never know people’s intentions or what they feel inside. If you generally keep things to those closest to you, then you have less chance of inciting jealousy etc. also the way some people broadcast things, it quite frankly rubs it in some peoples faces.
      Thank you for reading! 🙂

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  2. True. We have these weird concepts about happiness these days. Like if your friends get together, why talk and make conversation? Take a few (and by few I mean 500)(Honestly no exaggeration value drawn from experience) pictures, post them online so everyone sees how happy you are. Smile, compliment that person and then turn around with a sour expression. Belittle that person to make yourself feel superior, take away their achievements to make your worthless life look meaningful. It’s sad, really.

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