Meaning in Life

Things that may seem simple to the eye of the outsider are in fact much more complicated to the eye of the insider. What may appear like a simple situation has many layers and intricacies which are only known to those in that situation.

Decisions we make every day become a part of who we are. Our memories, our experiences all make us who we are and affect the paths we take in our lives. Sometimes we go down paths we never expected to walk and they lead us to the next stage of our lives.

Everything that happens to us in this life and everything that we do is a part of our own personal journey. No one can know what each person holds inside them.

From the outside looking in, people can see what they choose to see. They assume people feel what they think they should feel. They see the outlines of a person, the edges of their personality and the sketches of their life. They assume someone must be perfectly happy because they have a beautiful family, a house and a job. They see someone without those things and assume that they most certainly must be depressed because of that absence. People find meaning in their life through what is meaningful to them. As they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder; the same can be said for the purpose and meaning we each value.

Each individual person in this world has their own experiences and views of the world. Who are we to inflict our own personal views on others. They see women who don’t have children and think their lives must be empty; they see men who don’t have jobs and assume they must feel incompetent. ‘They’ is all of us, we all judge others by our own standards. If you say you never do so, you’re lying to yourself – we are all human.

There is always more than meets the eye, layers and depths to every story. Human beings are so complex and we are each so very different. It is quite possible that someone can feel happiness and sorrow at the same time. There is no permanent state of equilibrium, no permanent state of any given feeling and there never will be in this life. Even in the span of one day we may meet many different versions of ourselves and experience many different emotions.

Someone can be excited about a new journey and feel loss for what they are leaving behind as well. It is quite possible that we each have different meanings to our lives. It is also quite possible that we can try and understand one another and be sympathetic, empathetic and compassionate to one another. We can help each other find meaning in our lives.



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