Perspective: Hijab is Oppression or Freedom?

They see the scarf on my head and they see oppression. They see me covering my hair and wearing loose clothing to hide the shape and figure of my body and they wonder how can I possibly be happy clothing myself this way. They see misogyny. Her husband must have forced her, they think to themselves. They see men’s orders and power over women. Unveil yourself, they say, show your beauty! Because the only way to have your value recognised is to show your beauty?

Beauty – the standards of which are dictated by the society we live in. Beauty standards which affect the mental wellbeing of many individuals. Beauty standards which have caused eating disorders to increase in prevalence in women, men and even in children as young as 9. These beauty standards which affect people’s self-esteem and instigates bullying towards people who do not conform to the specific expectations of beauty. Beauty standards which exclude individuals from minority backgrounds, different races and ethnicities.

These are the beauty standards which I happily choose to disregard and take no part in.

‘Aren’t you pretty? Unveil yourself!’ Propaganda by the French during their occupation of Algeria.


I see the scarf on my head and I see an ordainment from my Lord. I see a shield and protection for me. I see empowerment, liberation and freedom. I see my own choice and my own intentions and beliefs being fulfilled. I choose to cover my hair and dress modestly to veil my beauty which I choose only to share with my husband. I do not want society to judge me and value me on the basis of how beautiful I am by their standards, or by how on trend I am with the latest fashions. Value me for my opinions and how I contribute to society. Listen to me because I have a voice and not because I may or may not be beautiful.

They see Muslim women covering their beauty and they say let us help you, you are oppressed, don’t you see?! 

How oppressive to be told that your own beliefs, values and opinions are irrelevant. I am not oppressed because I wear hijab, the only oppression I experience comes from non-Muslims telling me I am oppressed.

They see Muslim women covering their beauty and they don’t see individuals, they don’t see people. They don’t see personalities with different likes and dislikes. They don’t see strong, powerful women who are intelligent and bold. That’s what I see.




  1. Weakness is abiding by the norms that humans have made for themselves,or others,and Ignoring the norms set by their creator and the messengers.
    One of The reasons for the fitnah in this ummah is because of this.women show what they have got and men not being able to get married,or even married.combine those two and you get this Muslim world we are living in.
    اللهم اهدنا

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    • Very true rajli, these days people are submitting to their desires and weaknesses…
      Exactly omri, women are displayed everywhere and it can make it very hard in many ways.
      May Allah protect us all, ameen.

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  2. Bis millahir Rahmanir Raheem
    May Allah allow those of us who are blessed to see this truth continue to cover even in the face of those who oppose us and try to outlaw covering. My heart and duas go out for our sisters who are facing man made laws abolishing our covering in public places.
    Thank you for this post. We have to continue to be “visible”!

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    • Thank you for your comment! Ameen… Exactly I really feel for the sisters in France and other countries who are facing laws and bans affecting their rights to cover. Thank you for reading 🙂 I completely agree!


  3. …….may ALLAH (SHT) bless the one who wrote this quote provoking article……on who a muslim woman is!! She is not locked up beneath her.veil..which they call as the dungeon ……..she’s free…..bold…..and noble….thankk you for sharing this post…..May ALLAH (SHT) protect alll of us from false beliefs and evil whispers…..Ameen

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