Before Him

Before I reverted to Islam, I truly and genuinely believed that the whole concept of love was a sham. I saw the world as black and white and my experiences had slowly ebbed away at any belief I had in love. I was sceptical about people and all relationships. I saw people as only living to survive and reproduce. It seemed to me that love was just an idea that people bought into along the way to try and get some comfort or distraction in this life. But where was the evidence of actual true love, I saw none. I questioned even the love of mothers for their children. People’s own desires seemed to ultimately take priority over anything else, whatever they may be.

Alhamdulillah Allah guided me and I found this beautiful deen.

The one thing that changed most about me after reverting to Islam was my perception of love. First of all this love for my Lord grew inside me and that changed my heart completely subhanAllah. Allah swt who loves us more than any mother loves her child and who loves us more than we could ever love Him. I learned about our Prophet ﷺ and the more I learned about him the more I loved him and was in awe of his love for this whole ummah.

My view about the love people had for one another also changed, whatever the dynamics. I learned about the concept of ummah, brotherhood and sisterhood in Islam. There really is nothing else like it in this world that is similar to this.

There is a contentment in my soul that was not there before. Knowing that whatever happens in my life, whatever tragedy befalls me, it is by the will of Allah swt. And He is the best of planners and He is the most just, the most loving and the most merciful.

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