Who was She…

I wrote this a year and a half ago for my auntie…

Her generosity knew no bounds, she was overflowing with it

Her beauty shone both inside and out, although she didn’t know it

Her compassion and kindness encompassed all people and animals alike

This strong independent woman; feisty and competitive, always putting others first

The number of lives she touched we cannot put a number on

And so we are left with a hole in our hearts knowing that we will never see her again

But we also know that it would break her heart if she was the cause of a single tear

We must remember that although she is no longer with us, the imprint on our hearts will never fade

We must be grateful that our many fond memories of her can never be taken away from us

How blessed and fortunate are we to have known and loved you…

So forgive us K, for the tears we shed and know that we will carry you in our hearts always and forever



  1. I lately wrote a poem for my grandaunt. But because of haunting “perfectionist fear”(wishing that the write-up should be without any flaws) I wasn’t posting that… now will soon post that. In sha Allah. If you drop by that would be very generous!

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    • I completely understand the perils of being a perfectionist. I’m sure it will be great, things with a personal meaning often are. Definitely, I look forward to reading it insha’Allah 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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