‘The Real Housewives of ISIS’

A comedy sketch entitled ‘The Real Housewives of ISIS’ featured in BBC 2’s programme ‘Revolting’. For those who haven’t seen it here is the clip on YouTube:

The Real Housewives of ISIS

The whole concept of this satirical comedy sketch is offensive, disrespectful and ignorant. I’m all for comedy and I love to laugh but there is a limit in all things and this is an extremely distasteful and inappropriate attempt at humour.

It is completely thoughtless of the victims of Isis, the women who have been through extremely traumatic and life changing experiences. Their experiences are essentially being mocked and turned into comedy – into amusement for the masses.

Would anybody dare make a comedy about the victims of 9/11? Nobody would even want to, nobody would be that distasteful and nobody would find it funny. And yet it has been deemed acceptable for a comedy to be made about victims of Isis. This is still so current and so raw and ongoing. I find it shocking that this concept has been thought of let alone actually made and is now being aired.

Women have been through abuse, rape, torture. These things are just so hilarious aren’t they.

For me a major concern regarding this ‘comedy’ is that it will just further ostracise Muslims in this country, especially Muslim women wearing hijab. Mainstream media and members of the general public, including political figures, are already unable to differentiate between Isis and Muslims. Muslims who, for the record, are completely against Isis. I find it hard to believe that people would not use this programme to further mock Islam as a whole and Muslims individually. People are already ignorant to the fact that Isis do not follow the the Qur’an or the lifestyle and teachings of our Prophet (peace be upon him). This programme could mislead people and further exacerbate their already warped stereotypes of Muslims.

Mainstream media continuously associate Isis with Muslims, and have even published false accusations about Muslims in this country and essentially fabricated stories relating Muslims to Isis. The media’s portrayal and coverage of Isis and Muslims in general even led to people arguing that Syrian refugees should not be welcomed in this country due to the fact that they may have links to Isis. Syrian refugees, the very people who are most victimised by Isis and are going through tragic experiences, trying to get away by any means necessary.

Muslims are constantly expected to do more to stop and reduce radicalisation leading to people to decide to go to Syria to join Isis. Muslims are endlessly expected to publicly vocalise their disagreement of Isis and express the fact that we do not support them.
I hate Isis and everything they do. Arguably Muslims hate Isis more than anyone else. Every time they commit an atrocity and kill innocent people, not only am I angry and upset for all the lost lives and the ripple of people who are affected; I am angry because every such violent act leads to people holding Muslims responsible which leads to more hate crimes against Muslims and it leads to more ignorance and discrimination.



  1. Wow, I almost can’t believe that what I watched aired on TV. I think what the BBC is trying to do is make light of ISIS, thinking that that will make them feel weak. But in reality it just trivializes the struggles of the victims and makes it seem like they chose that life. And also further associates the backwards thinking of isis with islam 😦 :(. So sad!

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    • Yeah exactly me too, at first I thought it must be a joke, an amateur made the video but no.. actually produced and broadcasted by the BBC. I see what you’re saying, I’m sure you’re right. Along with that they knew it would be controversial and get everybody talking about it. But like you say ultimately it just undermines the victims. If it continues to be aired it will have negative impacts on Muslims and if it is pulled then everybody will hate Muslims for not ‘getting the comedy’. We can’t really win.

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  2. guess what? I’m writing from America where I don’t know of “comedy” like this, but after 9/11 which is what we had here, we saw MORE Muslim reverts, so maybe if the idea behind this is to make little of the deen and what they think includes ISIS (which we all know does not), to the end that people dislike the thought of Islam as a way of life, quite the contrary, Allah may make this a talking point which will bring people INTO the deen. as always, just be patient and watch…. (and pray)

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  3. Wow, I’d have never thought the BBC would ever do anything like this. I can see where you’re coming from, and I really hope there’s a different intent to it than what it seems – In Britain humour seems to be used for a majority of reasons and not just to mock for the sake of mocking – when people are uncomfortable, when they’re scared of a particular topic. Mocking of the nazis, pedophilia, Christianity, politics, are mainstream in books, television and newspapers now, for example. When done right comedy can be a way to argue a point without being argumentative. And it can also be a way to reach more people that the news or shows like Question Time do not. Maybe through this satire differences will be made between those who support ISIS and muslims – which I hope does. We’ve become frighteningly complacent, stereotypical, racist, and judgemental in this country. It would be horrid to think the BBC’s aim is to insight yet more hatred in people. We already have enough of that.

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    • I completely agree with you, comedy can be a great way to reach more people. On the whole I actually love the way we use comedy in Britain and it’s often quite sarcastic, satirical in a good way and it’s done with intelligence. Like you say all of those topics are frequently the subject of comedy and I’m not against Muslims being the subject of comedy when done right. This just seemed a bit insensitive due to the fact that it is so current and ongoing and it just worries me the way some of the media already ostracises Muslims. I could be jumping the gun and maybe it actually will highlight some important issues and differences in a good way! Let’s hope so 🙂

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  4. Hi! I can’t believe what I just saw. Really. How sick!
    However, you write good things and I’ll follow you. I have a blog also, but maybe a bit boring. American politics mainly so far. But also Islam and middle east.I’m a Swedish woman that take big interest in world politics and religion. Take care! 🙂

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    • I thought so too! Thank you so much, I’ve followed your blog too… Not boring at all! It’s always interesting to hear views from different perspectives and I’ve enjoyed reading your posts 🙂


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