Reflecting on Goodbyes

How many times in our lives do we say goodbye. Sometimes it’s a permanent and final goodbye, those can be the hardest. Sometimes you part not knowing if or when you may be reunited, that can be harder still. Most of the time goodbyes are for a short while, a day at work, a week away. But this is never guaranteed and always we are the ones who do not know.
When you squeeze your loved ones with a hug and give them greetings of farewell, sure of yourself that you will see them whenever you plan to, bear in mind that we do not own time, we do not know what is planned for everyone, not for ourselves, not even for a minute.
When we argue with someone we love, a friend, a sibling, a parent or a spouse, why do we hold grudges and hesitate to make amends. Be forgiving, be understanding and be patient. How would you feel parting on bad terms with someone and then a tragedy occurs permanently taking them from this world. How would you feel going to sleep without resolving an argument, without saying I love you, only for them to never wake up.
You don’t want to consider what that would feel like, nobody does, so save yourself from the possibility. Be kind to yourself as well as to those around you. Being difficult and stubborn will hurt yourself as deeply as it hurts others.

How many times in our journeys we say goodbye to different aspects and components of the puzzles of our lives.
We move on from people, who hurt us and put us down or try to hold us back. We outgrow friends as interests and values develop. Growing older, moving on from each school and taking steps into making your own life what you want to make of it. Trying to find your place in the world. Moving on from jobs and areas of interest, finding what suits you and what doesn’t. Finding someone to share your life with, moulding and adapting your life to make it one.

How many lives cross over never to meet again, while other times the threads of the lives of some will coincide again and again. In the most unexpected and extraordinary ways people are brought together again after years gone by. Some peoples’ lives are intertwined forever, even in some small way however insignificant it may be and even if nobody else knows it. Some experiences in this life tie you to people through the shared circumstances which brought you together.

The goodbyes which led us to the point in our lives at this very moment. The goodbyes that make us stronger as we learn to move on and grow, become better than we were. The goodbyes that we didn’t want to say, the ones that we didn’t know were coming and the ones we never got the chance to say. These goodbyes make us who we are. The goodbyes we will have to make in days to come, there will always be goodbyes.

But with every goodbye there is a new beginning, a new greeting. New people to come into our lives. New experiences, new homes and new chapters of our lives.



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