Silence is a Form of Acceptance

Silence is a form of acceptance. As the prime minister of the United Kingdom (Theresa the Appeaser) visited the USA to shake hands and smile in the face of the man who has discriminated against women, immigrants, people of different backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and Muslims; the people of this country voiced their disagreement. Throughout the … Continue reading Silence is a Form of Acceptance


Happiness in the 21st Century

It seemsย unfortunately rare to find people who are genuinely happy for your happiness. Even those closest to you, even those who love you. Humans are by nature greedy and jealous, this is what I have found. If you are blessed with something good, they may smile appropriately and say the right words but then the … Continue reading Happiness in the 21st Century

Meaning in Life

Things that may seem simple to the eye of the outsider are in fact much more complicated to the eye of the insider. What may appear like a simple situation has many layers and intricacies which are only known to those in that situation. Decisions we make every day become a part of who we … Continue reading Meaning in Life

Science and the Qur’an

Many people think that science and religion are completely incompatible. This is not true, however, and I wanted to highlight and discuss some of the scientific facts which are mentioned in the Qurโ€™an. When I read about these scientific truths in the English translation of the Qur'an, and then read further about the meaning behind … Continue reading Science and the Qur’an

Two Faced

Sometimes the people who seem the happiest are hurting the most. Take a closer look at that girl who has the brightest smile in the room. This is the mask she wears, this is the face she shows to the outside world. The smile on her lips is beautiful and warm but it doesn't quite … Continue reading Two Faced

Perspective: Hijab is Oppression or Freedom?

They see the scarf on my head and they see oppression. They see me covering my hair and wearing loose clothing to hide the shape and figure of my body and they wonder how can I possibly be happy clothing myself this way. They see misogyny. Her husband must have forced her, they think to … Continue reading Perspective: Hijab is Oppression or Freedom?

The Secret Hijabi

I first wore hijab when I went to the masjid to say my shahada. I had come to the decision I was going to embrace Islam and my friend and I had arranged to go to the masjid on the Friday evening. For me, there wasn't any doubt when it came to the topic of … Continue reading The Secret Hijabi

Stolen Moon

This is an excerpt from the novel I am working on, as of yet untitled. The conversation came to a pause... I had never felt such a connection, so at ease and so dangerously in love.ย "You're too good to be true." I told him. I could hear the awe in my voice and yet I … Continue reading Stolen Moon