Assalamu alaykum

Assalamu alaykum, peace be upon you.

My name is Safiyah, I am a revert Muslim and let me tell you about why I want to write a blog.

We are now living in an age where many headlines and news stories somehow relate to Muslims or Islam in some way. There’s no denying that the majority, if not all, of these ‘stories’ portray Islam in a negative light. Furthermore, Muslims are often the perpetrators in the media – the big bad unknown. We all know the impact media can have on public knowledge and therefore influencing public opinion. However insignificant one Muslimah’s view may be in the grand scheme of the British patriarchy, I still want to voice my opinions and my views on whatever topics may be relevant day to day and whatever else I want to share my views on – because I can.

Everybody has a different experience in this world and I just want to share mine. Maybe I will change somebody’s views about Islam, or maybe someone won’t be as scared when they see a Muslimah wearing a headscarf or a niqab sitting on the train. All I can do is try.

The internet allows us to delve into minds and experiences of others as we never could before. This gives us a chance to learn and understand more about people we would never normally interact with. It’s far too scary and most definitely unacceptable in Britain to simply strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. This is even more so the case when said stranger is of a different background, ethnicity, culture, religion, make, model, size, etc. One simply does not know what they may be conversing with. However the internet in all its marvel means we can read and watch and delve into the depths without ever being seen, no chance for awkwardness or disaster!

This is why I want to write a blog and share my opinions and experiences, simply to do that, share! I love hearing about the experience of other people, particularly those who have a vastly different experience of the world from me. The unknown has always and will always invoke fear into people who do not want to open their minds. Islam is a religion of peace so assalamu alaykum to you all and I hope you will enjoy my writing and find it interesting at least sometimes!



  1. Assalamu alaikum Safiyah.

    I’ve just popped back to the UK for a visit and am experiencing everything you have mentioned in your post. It’s so important for us to represent Islam in a positive way and address lots of people’s misconceptions and prejudices. It really gets me down when I realise how misunderstood Islam can be.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog soon!

    Layan x

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    • Walaykum assalam Layan 🙂
      I’m sorry to hear you have experienced it here as well… Yeah exactly we have to try and represent Islam in the best way we can as Muslims. I completely agree it can really be disheartening and gets me down too sometimes. When you smile at someone and they look at you as if you just spat at them, it hurts a bit!
      May Allah protect us all and ease the hardships of all the Muslims.
      Thank you! x


  2. oh my allah by readin ur stories… it makes me realise how lucky i am alhadmdulilah to be born a muslim.. may allah save you from any dificulties ❤ ur stories make me appreiate and look forward for evrey part in life. jazzakllah, inshallah ill keep you in my duas. omg u know i love scotish accents….. ❤ 😉 please do remeber me in ur duas even tho idk who u are…. but we are sisters in islaam. love u loads xxx


  3. Assalamalaykum sister. Welcome to Islam we embrace you with open arms! Do keep blogging your experiences. You will find a community of like minded Muslims from all over the world. May Allah SWT bless you and continue to guard you to the right path.

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  4. Wa ‘alaykoum assalaamu wa Rahmatu’LLAHi wa BarakatuHu, Ukthi Safiyah 🙂 May ALLAH increase you in guidance and forgive you your shortcomings; may your blog be of utmost goodness to the Muslim community!


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