Confessions of a revert

It can be difficult living in the presence of people who are wired to think the worst of you. People who jump to negative conclusions about you because you made a personal decision which they found strange. The decision to become a Muslim. This decision was a life choice completely personal to you, not changing … Continue reading Confessions of a revert


Hi, I’m Muslim and I believe in Jesus. 

I think this is an appropriate time of year to make people more aware of the fact that Jesus - or Isa عليه السلام as we call him - is a prophet in Islam. He is an extremely revered prophet and in fact we know that there were no prophets in between him and the … Continue reading Hi, I’m Muslim and I believe in Jesus. 

“Muslims have failed to integrate”

I recently watched the BBC documentary ‘Muslims like us’. As a Muslim, I did not feel it was a fair or accurate representation of Muslims in this country. Far from it. It looked to me as though the producers had managed to find 10 people who would conflict with one another to make ‘good television’. … Continue reading “Muslims have failed to integrate”

‘Revert Story’

As a revert I often get asked what is my story, how did I come to Islam, what is it about Islam that drew me to it... This is not an easy question to answer and there's no simple response. The short version is simply Allah guided me, alhamdulillah. For most reverts if not all, … Continue reading ‘Revert Story’

Journey of two halves

My husband and I were moving up to Glasgow from Luton. This was something we had dreamed about and something we were very much looking forward to. Everyone knows moving can be stressful and it can be particularly difficult moving such a great distance - trying to plan and time everything. We had already done … Continue reading Journey of two halves

Assalamu alaykum

Assalamu alaykum, peace be upon you. My name is Safiyah, I am a revert Muslim and let me tell you about why I want to write a blog. We are now living in an age where many headlines and news stories somehow relate to Muslims or Islam in some way. There’s no denying that the … Continue reading Assalamu alaykum